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Get used to

It always takes some getting used to for children to the busy life at a daycare center.
From the quiet, homely atmosphere, they suddenly end up in a group with other children and pedagogical staff they do not know yet. Of course we make sure that the rest is guaranteed as much as possible, but there are still many children present, which can make a significant impression on a new child. A new space, new smells and of course the pedagogical staff are factors to which the child has to get used to. It is often difficult for parents to leave their child in strange hands.

Daycare center Sprookjesrijk therefore finds it important that the children and parents get used to the daycare center in a good and calm manner. In this way they can feel safe and familiar and the nursery becomes a second home for the children. The familiarization period is divided over at least 2 times. The first time the baby comes about 3 hours, the second time also about 3 hours. These are the guidelines. The adjustment period is often looked at for each child and this is set up together with the parents. It also depends on how fast or slow the adjustment period goes per child. It is of course always possible to deviate from the above times.


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