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Nadia Dorzada
​Director / location manager

Hello, My name is Nadia Dorzada and I live in Hilversum. I was born on January 31, 1992.


During internship periods in which I have worked with children, I have come to realize that it is my passion to work with children. 


As the owner of Sprookjesrijk childcare, I set high standards for the quality of the childcare we offer. It is important that the children who come here grow in their development. We play an important role in this. Children aged 0-4 years develop rapidly and build different skills during this period. What is very important in this development is that every child goes through this development in his or her own way. We therefore want to give every child the opportunity to develop in his or her own way in a safe environment.


By working with the children, we get to know the children and we can keep the parents informed of the developments that the child is going through.


Your child is very welcome to play with us.



Nadia Dorzada 


Hosna Dorzada
Director / location manager

Hello, Im Hosna Dorzada, living in Hilversum. Mum of 4 beautiful children, ages 6, 10, 12 and 17. After my studies spw3 and pw4 I started working as an independent childminder and I started my small-scale childcare. I have done this for almost 10 years with great pleasure and love. But I always had another dream to be able to grow into a real daycare center.

On October 27, 2018 I found a suitable property in Utrecht. Together with my sister Nadia I started this beautiful exciting journey with all kinds of great ideas. In addition to my work as director, I also like to be in the groups of Sprookjesrijk. I love children very much and working with children is part of my life. What I find important is that there is a pleasant working atmosphere among the group leaders, that the children are lovingly cared for and that there is strong parental involvement and participation.

Feel free to come and have a look and bring your child with you to let them play with us.


Hosna Dorzada 


Team Fairytale

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